Parimatch cricket betting

With the passing of time, cricket has become a game popular worldwide, being one of the easiest, and together with that one of the most exciting to watch. 

How to join and start playing and winning with Parimatch cricket

In recent years, a slew of new online sports betting companies and casinos have sprung up in India and across the globe. Not only do they provide a diverse range of entertainment options. The fact that individuals may win large sums of money is their primary attraction. That is why so many individuals strive to make the Parimatch registration procedure as simple as possible. Let’s take a look at why so many people desire an account there in the first place before we get into the procedure: 

  • Parimatch has the most comprehensive range of sports betting options. There are hundreds of different events to choose from across dozens of disciplines in general.
  • This site also has a fantastic online casino. It offers some of the best forms of entertainment available on the Internet. They were developed by some of the world’s most creative and experienced studios.
  • In all of the games offered by the site, excellent odds may be found, making the pleasure of spending time here potentially lucrative.
  • There are great mobile platforms for getting on the site and using all of its features.
  • There are also a bunch of more surprises and features! 

As can be seen, there are many reasons why people should start utilizing Parimatch cricket and the other services offered by this portal. The portal’s developers have made every effort from the start to attract as many users as possible by offering as many features as possible.

Creating an account for making online cricket betting on Parimatch is very easy

To use all of Parimatch’s aforementioned features, an account must be created. The good news is that registering on our site is totally free. Not only that, but the process is extremely straightforward. 

First, users must go to Parimatch’s website or mobile platforms. After that, the newcomer must choose how to join up after clicking or pushing the “Join now” banner. There are a few options available. All newbies must complete the registration form after choosing one of them. It’s essential that all of the data provided is accurate and comprehensive. Otherwise, there may be difficulties in paying out the incentives. It’s also worth noting that confirmation of identification will be needed before any prizes can be withdrawn. The Parimatch website and official applications make it simple for users to submit one of the approved documents. In order to clarify, it should be stated that the following are the means accepted by Parimatch to prove one’s identity: 

  • passports;
  • ID cards;
  • bank statements;
  • utility bills;
  • and even driver’s licenses are allowed for this purpose! 

The last remaining step is to confirm the account’s creation once all of the required procedures have been performed and all of the needed information has been supplied. The user will then be ready to delve into the incredible world of possibilities and rewards that only Parimatch can provide. 

Now, it is impossible to talk about signing up to Parimatch without referring to the incredible welcome bonus given by the platform. Let’s discuss its most important aspects: 

Minimum amount given by the incentive 300 rupees
Maximum amount given by this promotion 12,000 rupees
How much users receive with this bonus 100% of what they deposited in their first money addition
Turnover and minimum odds 5x and 1.5 respectively

As it can be seen, this bonus handed out by Parimatch is very generous. It offers punters an incredible head start that they can use at any place of the platform. In other words, whether they want to use this promo to bet on cricket or in any other of the dozens of disciplines covered by the platform, it is up to them.

It’s also worth mentioning that if newbies prefer, they can complete the whole registration process utilizing the official Parimatch mobile applications for iOS and Android devices. Users may also utilize these platforms to access the entire range of Parimatch’s services. As you can see, there are many advantages to joining our platform. Creating an account is totally free, and the chances of winning and being entertained are endless. As a consequence, no one should miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Before discussing other aspects about making cricket betting in the platform, let’s see how demanding the mobile cricket betting application can be in terms of system requirements:

Required storage space available 20 megabytes
Internet connection needed? Yes
Supported operating systems iOS 7.1 or newer. Android 4.1 or newer

Of course, those who don’t want or are unable to install the application for whatever reason in their Android or iOS gadgets, can always enjoy the Parimatch mobile website, which is full of incredible options and is totally functional. This also applies to users of Windows Phone or people who have tablets and smartphones with other operating systems.

Enjoy cricket betting tips and a wealth of additional features from Parimatch

Cricket fans are extremely delighted with the great features that Parimatch has to offer. So far, not only they are able to enjoy a wealth of betting options with incredible odds that create a highly lucrative experience. Also, it is possible to take advantage of a slew of additional features and characteristics. They have the purpose of allowing clients to enjoy sports in a way like they never did before, with lots of information and data, but also to significantly improve their chances of winning on the Parimatch platform.

Among them, it is possible to encounter cricket betting tips. For those who might not know, the best bookmakers currently in the market, including of course Parimatch, offer lots of ways to guide its members during the gambling process. This not only is done thanks to a platform that is extremely simple to use. Thus purpose is also achieved thanks to the great Parimatch cricket betting tips. They are written by experts in the Indian Premier League, and in many other competitions of this exciting discipline.

Those who want to significantly get better outcomes from their wagers, and have a more pleasant experience overall, should definitely listen to what these experts have to say. This can make the experience of making online cricket betting on Parimatch something very profitable.


Being introduced in the 17th century, nowadays it is presented in three variations, the course of which is regulated by the International Cricket Council:

  • Test cricket, the initial shape of the game, which has now adopted a five-day format of playing. Thus the name “Test cricket” is justified: such a game play “tests” the players for willpower, endurance, capacity to adapt to the changing circumstances, and their skillfulness as well, awarding the bests with generous prizes;
  • One Day Internationals, or simply One-Days, the format of the quadrennial ICC Cricket World Cup, played during one day, with 50 overs for each side and one inning in total;
  • Twenty20 International (T20), the youngest and the most rapid cricket variety that has deserved its name due to envisaged twenty overs. It continues for 3 hours and gives chills with a swift pace of events.

Cricket, played in these three formats, by either men or women, is declared to be the national sport in a range of countries; a larger number of countries is cricket-playing, raising strong and skilled national teams. And ultimately, popular international cricket tournaments or cricket leagues (such as Indian Premier League, New Zealand Premier League, Global T20 Canada, Caribbean Premier League, etc.) matches are gladly watched by millions of people virtually in all the countries. That’s why the vast majority of online sports betting sites seek to provide their customers with an opportunity to stream the cricket matches, to place bets, and win money on cricket games. 

Parimatch betting platform has not remained indifferent, too, and made cricket streaming and online betting conveniently available. It offers coverage of a huge number of cricket matches, especially within the Indian Premier League for their Indian customers. You can choose the «Cricket» section from the “Sports” menu opened after clicking on the button at the bottom navigation and explore the recurring cricket events displayed on your screen. Every day over a hundred matches of all famous cricket leagues and championships are presented there. National teams, clubs matches – at Parimatch India you can choose whatever you prefer. 

Furthermore, you will be pleased with the quick registration process, a wide choice of deposit and withdrawal options, and how quickly the payouts, also available in Indian rupees, occur.

Cricket betting odds

Generally, the betting odds indicate the probability of some sporting event to have this or that outcome. The odds are dependent on a great variety of factors. Furthermore, they show how much money you can make if your bet achieves success.


In the bettors’ community, it is widely known that the odds in games, including cricket, at Parimatch, are quite competitive – the ratio can reach up to 95% which rise the chances to win to the maximum!

Live cricket betting

The peculiarity that makes cricket betting in India at Parimatch more pleasing and thrilling is that you can stream the matches online, keeping an eye on the in-game stats, and make live bets at the same time! 

In cricket, the live rate for bet can change during a specific match due to the following factors:

  • the Weather: no other sport is affected by the weather conditions as much as cricket is. And this circumstance is especially relevant for the matches of Test Cricket that can last up to 5 days. Awareness of the rainfall that is forecasted the day after the start of a match would probably add to the likelihood of the team which bats first’s victory;
  • the Pitch: the character of the surface, its evenness, homogeneity, and denseness are of great importance to the playing quality, the development, and the outcome of a match. For example, a rather soft surface causes slowing down of the movement of the ball, while a harder soil would make the ball speed up.
  • the news of a player’s injury, and so on. 

At Parimatch India you can monitor the live cricket odds for different games and wait for the right moment to make a maximum profit on them!

Mobile cricket betting

Parimatch can be used on different platforms, operating systems, and devices, making it possible to stream and wager under all conditions and at any hour.  


You can place bets on cricket online using the desktop version of the site or the mobile version adapted for different smartphones and tablets. Likewise, the Android and iOS applications are available for downloading from the official site, or the App Store (the iOS app). The apps have a similar design and all the features that the desktop version possesses, work practically flawlessly and at a high speed, and will serve your needs in the best way. To place wagers from the mobile app, simply create a new Parimatch account or sign in with an existing one, navigate to the section with cricket events, select the match of interest, then choose the anticipated outcome and press on the betting odds. Finally, select the suitable bet type from the menu, enter the amount of money you are ready to gamble with, and press on the “Place a bet” button. This way your bet will be made. 

Apparently, with Parimatch, it gets truly easy to closely steer the progress of your favorite cricket teams, including IPL, and enjoy the excitement of betting on them!

Understanding how to bet on cricket in India and other aspects of the platforms through the following FAQs

Many users want to know how to bet on cricket on Parimatch. At the same time, there are many other questions for which they would like to get answers. That’s why here some of the most frequent ones to pop-up will be adequately addressed.

How to bet on cricket in India by using the Parimatch platform?

The very first step that must be undertaken in order to start wagering in cricket matches from Parimatch is to set up an account. After this process has been done, punters must visit the cricket section of the platform. From there, they will be able to choose among dozens of available matches, and they will quick;y be able to choose their preferred outcome, as well as how much they want to bet.

Is it useful to check the cricket betting tips offered by Parimatch?

Of course. Those tips are written by true experts in the field. Their purpose is to guide punters into having the best possible results. While no wager can have a 100% assured result, these betting tips can significantly improve punter’s chances.

Is it possible to make online cricket betting from mobile devices?

Yes. There are a few ways of doing that. On one hand, it is possible to obtain the official Parimatch applications for Android and iOS. Also, any mobile operating system capable of executing a web browser will be able to use the Parimatch mobile website.

What can be said about the odds at Parimatch cricket?

Parimatch cricket has the best odds in the entire market. This can be seen by users themselves when comparing what different sportsbooks can currently offer in terms of odds.