In which date IPL will start?

Cricket – oh, how much has been heard about it lately! This sport initially became the most talked about in India and during the last 15 years has become mega-popular in the international sports arena!

This sport is recognized as a large-scale one as it has won the hearts of hundreds of millions of people around the world! Thanks to such loyal fans, cricket is confidently the second most popular team sport in the world after football, and in terms of the number of views and audience activity, it confidently overtakes all other team games – from baseball to hockey.

Due to such an increase in the popularity of this sport in India and the world, in 2008 the Indian Premier League was created, which broke all kinds of sports records from the first year of existence! She turns 14 this year.

After a one-year break, the Spring Indian Premier League is bursting into the life of every cricket fan again! This event is recognized as the most anticipated not only for the Indian audience but also for the global sports market! This time, the pandemic is unable to defeat such a major tournament.

Traditionally, the dates of the tournament have been unchanged for 12 years. Except for the IPL 2020, which was pushed back from spring to autumn and made the Mumbai Indians winners.

After the forced postponement, the organizers of the IPL could not confidently name the start date of such a large League for a long time. Even now, when everything has already been announced and even the schedule of games has been drawn up, there are rumors that everything can be rescheduled.

According to the IPL rules, the tournament format should not be violated and every change is recorded as negative. Because of Covid-19, the Indian government took control of all events and their participants. Regular medical control is one of the important points for the tournament to take place and everything goes according to graphic and without incident.

Since cricket has become a world sport, before the IPL, athletes are forced to travel abroad to win victory in foreign territories. This process is also actively controlled by the IPL organizers and sponsors so that no extraordinary circumstances would occur.

In order to confidently announce the exact date and schedule of each game, all representatives are required to follow several rules.

  1. Organization of senior officials. Signatures on all-important IPL documents and regular meetings to discuss the current situation in the sport-world and in teams.
  2. Holding an auction. This process is required every year. Before the auction begins (this year on February 18), each player must be registered otherwise he will not be present in the list of potential team members.
  3. After the auction, it is imperative to announce the final composition of the team. It is essential to indicate which players were removed from the team, which ones were sent for substitution, and which ones were acquired.
  4. And, of course, the annunciation of what all sports fans are waiting for: the start date of the tournament!

As stated earlier, before the start of the IPL, Indians must play in the foreign stadiums, with England teams! The last match will be played on March 28th, which means players will need rest. The teams are given two weeks to gather strength, to regularly train, and draw up new game plans.

The 14th season of the Indian Premier League will be sponsored by Dream11. And although the situation with the pandemic is not always stable, a decrease in the incidence has been announced in the vastness of India, which means: IPL will be! But the main question is: When is the beginning?

According to preliminary data and announcements from the BCCI, the first match of the largest cricket league will be played on April 11, 2021! The tournament will be opened by the winners of the last season, Mumbai Indians, and their rivals will be one of the strongest teams – Delhi Capitals. Then the matches will continue every day until May 30. The dates of the semi-finals and the final are not known yet, as the organizers decided not to look ahead so much.

The organizers of the IPL must arrange a meeting at which they will confirm the start of the tournament again, or change the date. While we expect an explosive start on April 11!

A total of 8 teams will take part in the league. All of them must play with each other twice in their home stadium and on the opponent’s territory. According to the results, the most successful team gets to the semifinals and those who did not score points play again with their closest competitors, fighting for a place in the final, and then for victory.

Who will be the winner of Season 14? This is a difficult question with no specific answer. We just have to turn on the TVs, YouTube channel, or the official IPL website starting from April 11 every day at 7:30 pm and cheer for our favorite team!