IPL Betting Tips

Cricket is a sport that suits people of all kinds. The calm pace of the game will allow you to enjoy every moment, and the opportunity to develop physical skills allows you to monitor your body. No wonder this game is respected in many countries, especially in India. Here, almost everyone is fond of cricket. Some people learn how to play and make their way to the professional league, while others just follow the matches and participate in cricket bets.

This especially applies to the time period when the largest IPL championship is held, which is attended by millions of people every year. A large number of matches and the richness of events create a unique opportunity to make money by placing bets on the IPL. The bookmaker site Parimatch offers a wide range of bets on IPL matches. The main thing in order to correctly guess the outcome of an event is knowing of the methods which can be used to make the right bet.

Thanks to our tips on how to place bets on the IPL league correctly, every bettor will be able to significantly increase his chances of getting a win, and for those who try their hand for the first time. This will become a useful bag of knowledge, so that not only this year but also in the future, try your hand at creating winning betting tickets for the IPL.


Our cricket IPL betting tips contain a lot of useful information that is recommended to know before placing your cricket bets. This information will be useful both for experienced bettors who have been engaged in similar activities for a long time and for beginners in cricket who are just starting to master this sport and make their first attempts at guessing the winners.

Our tips are aimed at helping the bettor find his own method for placing bets and get used to this seemingly difficult task. Having studied all our tips in detail, IPL and cricket betting can be considered as additional income that can be used for any necessary things and purposes.


Most IPL matches can be predicted. To do this, it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors and events that occur both before the start of the game and during the match. Collecting and analyzing information is an important component for creating a correct prediction since blind luck does not always lead to the desired result. So what methods are there for predicting the results of IPL matches?

1.Statistics and news 

Since the IPL is a regular event and has been held for more than one year, this means that the teams have already faced each other and, based on the statistics of previous matches, it is possible to predict the possible outcome. The next is the composition of the team. Each year, as part of the IPL auction, lists of players who will participate in this year’s matches are drawn up. If the changes in the team are global and new players have appeared, it is recommended to study their data. If a team has updated its roster with strong players, such a change could turn outsiders into potential winners. News and rumors are also helpful sources. Information about injuries, illnesses, scandals and the like can affect not only the individual player but also the morale of the team as a whole, which reduces the likelihood of victory.

 2.IPL Live Betting 

Watching the game and placing bets in parallel shows very good earnings in IPL betting. This happens due to a few reasons: the pace of the game and the influence of unpredictable factors, such as changing weather conditions. Firstly, while watching, it is possible to evaluate the actions before making a bet, and secondly, if an unpredictable incident occurs during the game, it is possible to change the original plans and make a bet taking into account what happened.

3.Prediction app and cricket analysts 

There are a huge number of programs in application markets that are created to predict the results of IPL matches. They work both by calculating statistical data and based on artificial intelligence. Also, there are many sites and pages on social networks of sports analysts who post their predictions of matches, based on various information – from personal knowledge of the IPL to rumors from insiders.


When placing a bet on an IPL event, it is important to pay attention to the odds. The lower the odds on the outcome, the higher the chance that the event will end with just such a result. For bettors who place bets on matches that take place in the live section, it is worth remembering that the odds during a match can change, both upward and downward.

Besides, odds on bets are also present on other outcomes that can occur during an IPL match. This is both the number of wickets knocked down, and more specific bets, for example, on the performance of a particular player or other team actions.


Along with the popularity of cricket in India, there are also many residents involved in IPL betting. On the Internet, a large number of sites and pages that are dedicated to cricket and the Indian Premier League can be found, as well as forums where Indian bettors discuss matches and provide various information.

Before placing a bet on a match, it is very useful to visit a similar page and chat with experienced IPL bettors. They will be able to give detailed information about which team or outcome can be bet on or provide other information that can help when choosing a bet.

Deposits in rupees

On the Parimatch website, it is possible to use Indian rupees to place a bet on sports. The profile currency on the site is selected during registration and, in the future, when replenishing through the cashier on the site, the money will be received in the specified currency and withdrawal will be credited to the card or wallet in rupees.

Payment methods

The Parimatch bookmaker uses card payment systems such as Visa and Mastercard, as well as electronic wallets – MuchBetter, Neteller, Skrill, and other payment systems for making a deposit and withdrawal.