Parimatch mobile betting

As of 2021, Parimatch is another of the most respected names in the online sportsbook and casino market. In addition to having a very wide catalog of sports, championships and casino games, this company was also one of the first to launch its own application for mobile devices when the use of these gadgets was beginning to grow exponentially around the world, including of course in India.

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Why should people download mobile app?

As with all other bookmakers, these programs for phones and tablets have evolved a lot since their respective initial releases. Progressively, new features and options have been added, bugs have been corrected and problems solved, as well as improved graphical, functional and stability characteristics.

Despite the fact that mobile devices have been being used massively for several years, there is a significant number of people who are suspicious of using services that involve money transactions from this type of device. However, it can be said that both bookmakers and many other types of companies have very strong security protocols, making the risk for customers practically nil.

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Considering the constant rolling out of new features, and the virtually non-existent security risk for users of these programs, it is an excellent idea to obtain them. The Parimatch app offers literally all the features that people would normally employ from the regular website. This implies that from the software it is possible to wager, create accounts, withdraw and deposit money and much more. In fact, many people are no longer using the computer website because of the convenience of this mobile app.

How to download and how does betting app for Android work?

It is very easy to download and install the Parimatch app on Android tablets and smartphones. However, it should be clarified that due to Google Play’s terms and conditions, it is not distributed through this medium. However, this section will explain how to install the program.


Before beginning to explain the steps that must be taken to do this, users must make sure that the option “unknown sources” located in the device configuration is activated, otherwise the installation will not be able to be completed.

Once this menu has been verified, the following steps should be performed to ensure a smooth installation:

  • Go to the Parimatch mobile website
  • Display the menu located on the left side of the screen and touch the option “Parimatch app”
  • Tap on the apk to start download Parimatch app
  • Run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen

After following these simple steps, the Parimatch application should be completely ready to use. As can be seen, despite not being available in official stores, it can still be installed quite easily.

As is often the case with almost all existing applications, they regularly receive updates, which are normally obtained automatically from Google Play. In the case of the Parimatch mobile betting app, as it is not marketed through said store, it is essential that users pay attention to push notifications or pop-up windows within the app that indicate the existence of a new version, since bugs are constantly being fixed, stability is improved, and new features can be added. In case users are asked to install a program update, just repeat the aforementioned steps again.

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Regarding the system requirements, any tablet or smartphone where you want to install this program, regardless of its brand or model, must have a screen resolution of no less than 320×480 pixels. Whereas the artifact must be operating with Android 4.1 or any newer version of the operating system. Some users have reported that the software can run on Android 4.0, however the live streams do not work.

How to grab and how does betting app for iOS work?

Those with Apple devices will immediately notice that they can get this iteration of the Parimatch software in a much easier way than Android. This is because, unlike Google’s operating system, the AppStore does allow the distribution of applications from bookmakers and online casinos.


For this reason, those who want to obtain the software for their iPhone or iPad from India or any other country only need to visit the AppStore, and from there download the application in the same way as for any other application.

Regarding the system requirements, the Parimatch app requires at least iOS 7.0 or a newer version of the operating system. In concrete terms, this means that any version of the iPhone from 5 onwards, and all versions of the iPad can run the program optimally. This virtually universal compatibility on both Android and iOS systems is another great reason for trying these apps now.