Who won IPL 2021?

Today there is a huge variety of sports and championships, both local and international. Each of them is popular and expected in its own way. But there is no such tournament that every sports fan from all over the world would expect. Except for one event. And this is the Indian Premier League!

Indian Premier League – how much has been heard about it lately! It is a combination of professionalism, passion, and novelty! Why novelty? Because, although cricket has been breaking all possible records in the world sports arena for the past 15 years, it still opens up in a new way every year for many people who were not cricket fans previously. Even 20 years ago, no one could have thought that cricket would conquer the hearts of millions of people so quickly, even those who were indifferent to the sport!

According to its origins, cricket is considered to be an Indian sport and it is very significant that as soon as the IPL was created, not only Indians but also residents of Europe and America began to watch it. According to the statistics of viewings of matches via YouTube, at the very beginning of its existence, the IPL broke all records in terms of the number of fans! Isn’t that impressive?

What attracts fans to the IPL? Of course, teams and the anticipation of victory!

There are 8 teams in the 2021 league. Each of them is impressive in its own way and has its own strengths. But who will be the winner this year?

Let’s start with the Mumbai Indians. This team is the most impressive! There is no such sports team (perhaps even in the world), that has managed to win so many victories in such a short period of the tournament’s existence. From 2008 to 2020, MI became the winner 6 times. On 18 February, on the auction, the team added new really strong players so perhaps in the 14th IPL season, the Mumbai Indians will prove for the seventh time that there is no better team than them? 

Chennai Super Kings are not far from Mumbai Indians. These guys became famous all over the world thanks to the three-time victory in the history of the IPL. What can CSK fans expect in 2021? After the auction, which played a significant role in the lineups of each of the teams, the Kings were replenished with the new strength and fighting spirit of the professionals. Therefore, the chances are very high that this season we will see Chennai Super Kings on the first line of the standings!

What about Kolkata Knight Riders? The players of this team show very high results every season. For the entire IPL, they became winners twice in 2012 and 2014. Perhaps after a radical renewal of the team’s roster and new forces, they will bring victory to their fans?

Another team that shows the highest expectations is the Rajasthan Royals. Players have won only once in the entire Indian Premier League, back in the early period of 2008. After the team squad changing, fans are looking forward to a new breakthrough and victory 13 years later! Perhaps their expectations will come true?

During long eight years of regular matches, one of the teams tried to prove its strength and could do it! In 2016, Sunrisers Hyderabad proved to all competitors that they are not weaklings! Regular training, new players, and new game patterns are what awaits their fans this year. Perhaps the fourteenth season will be the second winning tournament for SH?

But what can we expect from teams that have never been a winner yet? Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings (previously known as Kings XI Punjab), and Royal Challengers Bangalore are on the list of such teams. This year, the team captains took a responsible approach to the selection of newcomers on the auction and to building strategies. Perhaps, one of these teams will surprise everyone and proudly take the first position in the final ranking!

Of course, we can only guess who will surprise with their victory in the 14th season of the IPL. Our job as fans is to support our favorites in every possible way! The best option is to be present at the stadium during the match because the players will feel your energy and this will give them even more strength to reach the desired victory.

Don’t forget that the Indian Premier League starts this year on April 11th. The matches will take place every day at 7:30 PM, and with each match, the puzzle about the winner will become even more interesting.

So, starting from April 11, we start buying tickets for the games of our favorite teams, turning on the TV or YouTube channels with broadcasts, and supporting our favorites with all our might!

Only fan’s support will help our favorite team to snatch victory in the 14th season!